Project : 2008.02.20 (wed) - 03.26 (wed)
Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Exhibition :
2008.03.26 - 03.30 (Slide show at 03.29)
Minimal Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Project tie up with :
Bagus Hati Bridge of Culture Project

(The University of Western Australia)

Special Thanks :
Pisithpong (Ong) Siraphisut, M.K.N. School, Thailand
Mike Hunnewell and Florida State University, USA
Paul Trinidad, Helen Michaelsen, Rebekah Ryan and the Bagus Hati Bridge of Culture Project, Australia
And all of the participants of the project

Supported by : ComPeung Village of Creativity


Exhibition : ComPeung Revisited 2007-2012
Curated by :
Helen Michaelsen / Pisithpong Siraphisut (TH)
2011.12.03 - 12.29
Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre, Thailand

Organized by : ComPeung

According to Thai belief, having your hair cut on a Wednesday is asking for bad luck.

Traditionally, a different image of Buddha is assigned to each day of the week, which people can call their own guardian Buddha. Yet, Wednesday stands out because it is the only day to be divided into morning and evening, each with its own Buddha image.

The Wednesday morning Lord Buddha is standing with both hands holding an alms bowl, whereas the Wednesday evening Lord Buddha is receiving the gift of a honeycomb from a monkey and water from an elephant.

But why is Wednesday relevant? What are people doing on Wednesday? From this simple question, "Wednesday" became an art project.

"Please send me your Wednesday photo!"

I collected photographs taken on Wednesdays. During a six-week open call, 542 photographs were received from professional photographers to schoolchildren, minority local people and tourists.

These photographs that show people's unique Wednesday activities were shown at a gallery in Chiang Mai.


Photo Album 01 (WEDNESDAY PROJECT 2008)

Photo Album 02 (WEDNESDAY PROJECT 2008)

Photo Album 03 (WENDESDAY REPORT 2002-2011)