Bamboo Pyramid


Creation :
2008.01.11 - 02.10 Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Supported by : ComPeung Village of Creativity

The 5 steps to developing the Bamboo Pyramid project.

1. Basic Idea.
To recompose harvested bamboo as an artificial forest within a natural forest.

2. Point of View.
A simple question: what is most usual, and what is most unusual image in the site.

3. Development 01: Concept.
It seems that creation has been done only when it is necessary, so I created something completely unnecessary- a forest within a forest.

4. Development 02: Form.
The natural forest already has a dynamic structure and super abstractness. To make a visual sensation, I employed more artificial and orderly forms.

5. Development 03: Color.
I visited a Buddhist temple near the village several times. The temple was spangling with sunshine, and I extremely inspired by this.