Exhibition : BRAVO!
2005.06.11 - 06.30 GA Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2005.07.09 - 07.31 HIGURE 17-15 cas, Tokyo, Japan

Organized by : Tyler RUSSELL (CA) / Shiu JIN (KR) / Jun'ichiro ISHII (JP)

Supported by :
Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation
Aproved event "Japan-Korea Friendship Year 2005"

Work collected by :
Ssamzie Space, Seoul, South Korea

When Japanese or Koreans mention 'Japan-Korea ties', we should pay extra caution even though the two share cultures based on one root and the beauty of four seasons. There's a hidden restriction that they have to be 'delightful'. No one can reveal the darkness behind the cheers.

The main element in the work is a nameplate commonly used in friendship building sessions.  Interpersonal relationships with this kind of support device are suspect, as the relationship cannot stand alone without help.  Tagged members are forced to know and respect each other regardless of their interest or intention.

In Korea geese are known as a symbol of love.  It is common to give a pair of wooden geese to a bride, as geese are faithful throughout life.  In folklore geese do not leave their offspring even in the case of fire that threatens their lives.  They also symbolise fatherly affection, as the male goose will raise the offspring after the female’s death.

A goose with a nameplate desperately tries to find a partner.  He pursues true love without knowing where it is.  This bird is an icon of love, truth and family.


Video work "MY NAME IS BRAVO"
(color / 03'10" / no language / text by English / 2005)