Nine Stones "ZERO"


Exhibition : "F. L. O. W" Anyang River Project
2004.09.18 - 10.15 Kyonggi-do Anyang, South Korea

Supported by : supplement space Stone & Water

This project was the trial which symbolized the concept of "zero" by nine stones. It was considered by an outdoor installation and a video work.

Using nine natural stones, I drew a big circle in the river. Water goes around the nine stones. And in the video work "Stone Watch 0 to 9", other nine stones continuesly drawing zero as like clock.

Nine stones in the river, does not move, and the nine stones in the video forever moving. I tried to explore the idea "zero" by this two different images.


Video work "stone watch 0 to 9"
(color / loop / no language / no subtitle / 2004)