Project "Ahum"


Exhibition : Traffic : Art Exchange
2003.01.02 - 02.02
Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art
, Fukuoka, Japan
2003.01.05 - 02.02
Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

"A" is the first character in ancient Sanskrit. "A" meant "the beginning of all" or "creation". When pronounced, you have to exhale. In the East, exhalation means transpiration of vital sprit or "KI". Exhalation is represented by one character "KO".

"HUM", on the other hand, is the last character. The sound "HUM" meant "the conclusion" or "destruction". When pronounced, you have to inhale. Inhalation means collection of vital spirit. Inhalation is represented by a character "KYU".

Just like breathing is consisted by inhalation and exhalation, "A" and "HUM" is a pair. After inhale, you have to exhale. After "A", there comes "HUM". "A" and "HUM" are known in a phrase, "AHUM no KO-KYU" or "getting along well like A and HUM". It means harmonization and synergy when a group works together.

Also in Sanscritism, it is thought that everything in the universe can be described by words. Every object has corresponding name. Even "unknown" has its name. If a set of words could describe the whole world, everything is in between "A" and "HUM". The combined "A'HUM" is considered to be the gateway to the universe. "A" is the right pole and "HUM" is the left.

The main theme of this exhibition is "Exchange". It is held in collaboration with the City of Fukuoka and Kita-Kyushu. The two cities are 100km away. It is a new approach to connect the two through the idea of "A'HUM". "A" reminds "HUM", "HUM" reminds "A".