Exhibition : Jun'ichiro ISHII solo show
2014.04.05 - 06.08.
Galerie Klatovy-Klenová, Klatovy, Czech Republic

Exhibition : ZUKUNST 2015
2015.08.21 - 08.23.
Galerie Reistna
, Valtice, Czech Republic

Supported by :
Galerie Klatovy-Klenová
Embassy of Japan in the Czech Republic
The Yoshino Gypsm Art Foundation

There is a cultural tradition where men spank women using a special stick, called a pomlazka, during Easter in Central European countries. I was curious about the culture and was investigating the story behind this. It is said that the practice came from older beliefs before Christianity. However, my impression is that nobody seems to know the actual meaning.

The work, Pomlazka, is an automated, traditional fulfillment machine, which is continuously swinging and repeating, even though the original meaning has been lost.