2013.06.11 - 06.16 SeMA Nanji Exhibition Hall
Nanjido, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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"Nanjido was converted into a landfill in the middle of the rapid urbanization of Seoul in 1978. From that time to 1993, 92 million tons of garbage including household wastes and construction and industrial wastes were dumped on the island, resulting in two massive mountains of garbage measuring over 90 meters in height."
[ Reference : Story of Nanjido ]

I had been collecting my personal trashes through the participation of three months residency program at Nanjido. And the installtin is composed by these trashes and balloons.

Blown up balloons draw an image like to take these trashes away. However, these balloons also will become trashes in later half of exhibition, when the balloons lost its buoyancy.