"Bizzare Carnival" Half open studio :
2013.02.09 MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic

Supported by :

The Japan Foundation Budapest

According to a Czech person, public space in Czech Republic is designed by communism idea. In western European countries, "Public space" is literally for public, people talk freely public topics. However "public space" in Czech Republic used to be a place where people observe each other. Thus, often public talks were held in behind a door.

Whether it may or may not be true, it aroused my interest.

Meanwhile, the concept of February 9th open studio was "Public" that attends keywords of "decadence" and something "bizarre"...

The installation "Door" consists by a door and an attached box. You can see inside of the box through a peephole. Action of "peep" arouses some kind of immoral feeling, something "bizarre". And I thought I should close my studio door, even though it was an open studio, if Czech's "public space" is always in behind the door. Moreover, the feeling of decadence is (at least for me) always driven and strengthen by this affirmative excuse, "WHY NOT?". In other words, the feeling of "WHY NOT?" is always blinking in my heart, behind a door that I can see through a peephole.


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