Permanent work 2012.12.01 -
Exhibition : HP - Horse Power
Jeju Horse Museum, Gasiri, Jeju, South Korea
Curated by : Soon Young Kim (KR)

Work engineered by :
MOV ART TEC - Anthonius Kocken (NL/JP)

Organized by :
Gasiri Residency Artists Committee

Supported by :
Gasiri Center for Art Creation
Jeju Horse Park
Jeju Culture & Art Foundation

Special thanks :
Dr. Boo the Jeju National University

Historically, Jeju island deeply relates to raising horses. As well as this, there is a tradition of remarkably strong winds on the island. These keywords brought me a poem-like image.

"When the wind blows, the horse will run"

This sound installation that uses a wind power generation system, plays the sound of a horse running around the museum and it's visitors. A windmill installed on the rooftop garden of the museum generates electricity, which is then transmitted into the sound installation on the 2nd floor's 360 degree circular-corridor.

The sound of the horse will relate to the surrounding wind speed at the museum. For instance, if there is no wind the horse will walk, with medium wind speed the horse will trot (running) and if there is a strong wind, a horses' gallop (top running speed of horse) will play around the space.

Although horse culture is strongly connected with Gasiri village, the everyday relationship of living with horses I found almost invisible. Often, the most unusual scene for outsiders is the most common, everyday experience for locals. Through the sound installation "Wind Horse", I attempted to sketch an "invisible horse".


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Work introduction video "WIND HORSE"
(color / 02'14" / no language / text by English / 2012)