Trèfle à Quatre feuilles #8 -Wongol Project


Exhibition : YATOO - Wongol international residence
2011.09.22 - 10.06 Wongol, Gongju, South Korea

Organized by YATOO – Korea Nature Art Association

My interest concerning the series of wooden installations is to install a standardized symbol into the nature landscape.

The four-leaf clover is a symbol of luck. By using this image, I would like to cast a subject of environmental issue widely to public.


The nuclear power plant accident at Fukushima Japan caused by 2011 March 11th earthquake and Tsunami was a terrible shock for me. As Japanese, nucleus disaster means more than anything. I had to have known how much it will be a serious, terrible and painful tragedy, especially as I had plenty of educations which came from nation historical experiences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Not only the terrible disasters but it was a moment that the bare face of capitalism society was revealed. What we discovered was the crevasse of the society, consumer-driven future vision and its reality, as well as aware to the fundamental issue of our age of modernity. By cutting useless-looking sensibility, slowly but gradually, the society was allowed to join in the capitalist race of nuclear development competition.

After this painful incident, I had a lot of chance to think about "happiness", which is not consumerism "comfortable" but inefficient, incalculable, almost nothing under the capitalistic context.