Exhibition : "Qui Vive?"
2nd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

Curated by : Daria PYRKINA (RU)
Assist by : Darya VIRTSER (RU)
2010.07.03 - 08.08
ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow, Russia

Organized by :
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Department of Culture of the City of Moscow


Work collected by : NCCA, Moscow, Russia


I would like to present an installation entitled "AME" (means Rain in Japanese).

As the title signifies, its inclusive image is "Rain". To be exact, by this installation I would like to generate an atmosphere of the calm sprinkle rain in the space. Audiences are able to enter into the work, to have a short promenade among the water-drops.

The work is constructed by three parts, an artificial pond, a sidewalk and a roof.

The artificial pond is shallow and rectangular and the roof covers them. I also have set up a system that the water-drops intermittently falling down from the ceiling. The drops tap on the water surface by 30-60 seconds interval, and it will randomly draw ripples, like a pond in the rainy day. There is a sidewalk passing the middle of pond like a bridge, and audiences are able to walk, by crossing the pond.

The main motif, what I am going to brings by this installation, is ripples. Today, when we look out over our modern society, it seems we all got used to exaggerating things competitively and is accelerating the situation more and more. However if you turn back to your human-size reality, a water drop tapping a calm pond is sometimes enough to change its images.

This work doesn't offer any pleasant enjoyment. Only a faint image that moves on the surface has been destroyed repeatedly and tediously.

It is my hope that people will enjoy to across this unusual rainy situation and hopefully it will be an opportunity to search their inner imagination through the experience.