Point d'interrogation in Poti


Exhibition : ARTSEA 2012
Permanet work
2012.09.02 - Self-governing city of Poti, Georgia

Niko Tsetskhladze (GE) / Luka Zet (GE) /
Iliko Zautashvili (GE) / Goga Tabukashvili (GE) /
Magda Guruli (GE) / Kote Jincharadze (GE) /
Ana Sopromadze (GE)

When you look at a wave, it can seem quite mysterious.  Lying between air and water, it whispers a simple question; where does the wave exist?

It is a form that doesn't have substance.  Vague and uncertain images are always surging in between imagination and information. Perception is like a wave. And if the perception is a form, our existence would be a form as well. It might be able to say that the existences are continuous of reactions.