Creation : 2010.04.30 - 05.15
Open studio : 2010.05.16 at I-Park, Connecticut, USA

Supported by : I-Park Foundation, Inc

Scale changes in America. It is not only that meters became yards or kilograms became pounds, but more, there is an impression of enlargement.
"Large size" is larger than I expected. If anything, it gives me a feeling that my body has physically shrunk. I would like to represent this personal impression of America by employing an image of the "crossroad".

The "crossroad" seems to be the constituent unit of the city. Especially in American cities, the consecutive ordering of crossroads is impressive. This structure of the "crossroad" is simple. However, in a big city like New York City, the surface of crosswords is always renewing. There is a crossroad, which I have passed before, that seems different. It gives me an impression that I am in a labyrinth.

This installation is a crossroad, which descends 3 feet by 4 feet, within a forest. Changing your point-of-view by walking down the crossroad, this installation will generate an impression that your body has physically shrunk.