Exhibition : Utopia - Interpretation of New Era
Curated by : Gigi Lee Yee Kee (MO)
2009.06.13 - 08.09 OX warehouse, Macau SAR, China

Supported by : OX warehouse / St.Paul Fine Art

Today, when we look out over our modern society, it seems we all got used to exaggerating things competitively and are accelerating the situation.
However if you turn back to your human-size reality, a water drop tapping a calm pond is sometimes enough to change its images.

Gorgeous fountains in front of casinos in Macau, seems trying to stand out more than more every day like competing against today. However, when a water drop from hanged up laundries, or an outdoor unit of air conditioners at a back alley in a residential area unexpectedly tapped my neck, I realized that such a small droplet was much more powerful to change my vision.

This work doesn't offer any pleasant enjoyment. Only reflected image on the surface repeatedly and tediously flickers.

The utopian vision is your own reflection. If tomorrow were always better than today, the meaning of "the better" would be lost. Imagine the roar of waterfall from a droplet, find oneself from collapsing image in calm undulation, I trust that this is the most positive aspect of the Oriental thought.