Exhibition :
1st Canakkale Biennial "Transparent Illusion"
Curated by : Denizhan OZER / Seyhan BOZTEPE (TR)
2008.08.10 -08.17 Canakkale, Turkey

Organized by : Municipality of Canakkale

Supported by : The 1st Canakkale Biennial

In1915, the western Allies sent a massive invasion force of troops from the Aegean Sea into the Dardanelles to attempt to open up the strait. At the battle of Gallipoli, Turkish troops trapped the Allies on the beaches of the Gallipoli peninsula.

During the eight months battle, almost 500,000 lives have been lost. From this sad historical event, now a lot of war memorials have been built in this land.
According to one theory, after the acute battle has finished, in the night, lot of blood from soldiers pour into the Dardanelles, and the white crescent moon was reflecting on the red tinged sea surface. Along the hope to the peace, this image became a symbol when the Ottoman Empire becomes Turkish Republic.

Employing the image of "Jellyfish", I am trying to transform this story which was most impressive one from my last stay in Canakkale, into the outdoor installation.
Jellyfish is spelled "海月 -Moon on the sea" in Japanese. This sparkling lights-assembly is a metaphor of the Moon. And the work "Jellyfish" is a hommage to the wish to peace, based on the sad, but instructive, historical event.