Rue de L'infinité dans la Massif du Sancy


Exhibition : Horizons: Rencontres "Arts Nature" 2007
2007.07.01 - 08.31
Chastreix-Sancy, Auvergne, France

Assistant : David PEYROU (FR)

Supported by : Office de Tourisme du Sancy

In the epoch of modernization, we are consuming a lot of primal energies which we need to leave to our future generations. We can easily imagine that nature is not an eternal donor to humans. However, no matter how much we are all aware of the necessity for restraint, humanity seems it must consume nature to make its idea of a utopia.

I have made a wooden sidewalk which has the form of the symbol for infinity. Although I called this work a sidewalk, actually it does not function as one, because the required entrance and exit of a sidewalk's function are excluded due its infinity symbol form. It aims at inviting people to a meaningless promenade.

Drawing this ancient symbol in to a natural landscape, my intent was to create a non-functioning sidewalk. Infinity is a concept that attends many metaphors from ancient wisdom, often depicted by a snake which consumes its own tail eternally. Furthermore, the notion of non-function, or without meaning in this case, was a question I posed to the increasing modern consumerism that results from the utopian yearnings sought after by humans.


Video work "PROMENADE"
(color / 08'30" / no language / no subtitle / 2007)