Progress Installation "silkworm" Performance I


Performance / Exhibition : ART-ALAN II
Curated by Denizhan OZER (TR)
2005.04.03 - 04.30 Kadiffe st, Istanbul Turkey

Collaborate with Chihiro AKUTSU (JP)

Supported by ART-ALAN II

[On the Road]
The old blue Beetle from Germany stood still in the street of Kadiffe in the town of Kadkoy, Istanbul where alcoholics roam around every weekend. In April 2005, creators from Japan decided to nuzzle up to it. This is how the site-specific artwork, "Silkworm", started.
It was washed out from peoples' mind. It could not pull attention from the people passes by. But it was there as a symbol of "usual life". The old street of Kadifee needed it.

[Shifting unconsciousness to vision]
The initial work was called "Progress Installation" which went through for 10 days. They started to create a cocoon with fragile knitting wool. Cocoon represents rebirth, caring and energy. Layers of wool that covers the Beetle gradually forms a round and smooth body.

[Work in Progress]
Every day, only by their work through 9 PM to 10 PM, the Beetle got whiter and whiter. The everyday sight became unusual image. The passer-by and drunk workers started to regard it as art-in-progress. Their "yesterday-they-knew" started to move to "image of today" type of artwork which could be the most distant concept from their life. The art became a part of their life.

[Again, On the Road]
On the very last day of the creators' work, "Silkworm" finished growing. It was the icon of "reincarnation". It was the caress to the poor, rusty Beetle which was forgotten for years. But it also meant that it was the end of progress when the things were lively than anything else.


Video work "silkworm"
(color / 10'00" / no language / no subtitle / 2005)