HOSE PROJECT in Taio Goldmine


Performance / Exhibition :
2002.01.09 - 01.24 Taio Goldmine, Oita, Japan
Curation : Tyler RUSSELL (CA)
Supported by : Nakatsue Village

Sound : ―Cream of the Stoners― MACHA, TAKAYAMA
Special Thanks : Nemu SAITOH, Kazuhide ISHII,
Design : Yuji KITAGAWA

1889,two villages merged to form the Nakatsue village.

1894, The discovery of gold and the Taio-Goldmine, brought 3,000 miners to Nakatsue. You could hardly see the mountains, because of all the people.

During the 80 years the mine was in operation in produced 40 tons of gold and 160 tons of silver.
The tunnels spanned 110 kilometers and reached a depth of 590 meters.

1972, after the closing the Goldmine Nakatsue's population decreased. At present 470 families live in the area with primarily off of forestry.
Nakatsue merged with the other towns of the Hita district to form the Hita city at 2005, the administrative community of "Nakatsue village" has been lost, but the name of this village is still living.