HOSE PROJECT in Gannosu Airport


Performance :
2000.11.05 Gannosu Airport, Fukuoka, Japan
Exhibition :
2001.01.16 - 01.28 Coffee-haku, Kasuga, Japan
2001.05.20 - 05.27 Iris Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

Collaborate with Makiko MOTOYAMA (JP)
Photo : Takefumi FUJIWARA
Movie : ―INDYS CAM― Tsuka, Ohmi KAMIMURA
Sound : Masumi KATOH
―Cream of the Stone― MACHA, TAKAYAMA
Special Thanks :
Yuji KITAGAWA , Daijyu IKEDA,Yasuyuki KOGA,
Design: Naotake MATSUNAGA, Kohei UESAKA
Other creation: Yutaro NIKI

1936, June, A fully operational civilian airport, "Gannosu-Airport" was constructed in FukuokaCity's East Ward.

The airport extended 60,000 square meters.It's runway ran 600 meters North to South. At the time it was the biggest international airport in the Orient and was fiequented by VIPs from home and abroad.

1937,――Japan goes to war.
As a result the airport was converted into a military one.
Then Japan entered the Pacific War and lost. It went all down in history.

After the war, Gannosu-Airport was used as an airbase by the U.S military until 1972 when airbase "BARD" was returned to Japan.

Along the urban development project, the Gannosu-Airport has been demolished at 2002.


Video documentation
(color / 08'30" / Japanese / no subtitle / 2000)